Bridge & Culvert Hydraulics

Road 80 Widening, Tulare County, CA
Road 80 is a 15-mile length two-lane highway between the cities of Dinuba and Visalia, CA to be widened to four lanes, separated by a median. The length of three existing bridges and five irrigation crossings of the highway must be increased as part of the project. Dr. Lewandowski was the project manager for the hydraulic and scour analysis for the eight revised structures. The bridge crossing of the St. Johns River had experienced long-term degradation, as well as contraction and pier scour. The pile caps and piles below the bridge were exposed due to past scour. Bridges over Cottonwood Creek and Elbow Creek were also analyzed. A HEC-RAS model was developed for each bridge to determine the revised hydraulic and scour conditions.

Dublin Canyon Road Bridge Replacement, Pleasanton, CA
Dr. Lewandowski was project engineer for an analysis of creek impacts from the Dublin Canyon Road widening project. The project is near the confluence of two creeks and required a bridge and scour analysis. A HEC-RAS hydraulic analysis was performed for the revised bridge crossing. The widened roadway also requires a retaining wall to be constructed parallel to the edge of the creek. A scour analysis was performed to determine the retaining wall footing elevation and scour protection measures.

Bollinger Canyon Road Bridge, San Ramon, CADr. Lewandowski was project manager for an analysis of the West Branch Alamo Creek crossing of Bollinger Canyon Road. The crossing had three culverts, one super-span arch and two elliptical culverts, across a wide floodplain. A HEC-RAS model was developed for a multiple opening condition in the bridge. Contraction scour was calculated using the HEC-18 methodology.

San Pablo Creek and Wildcat Creek Floodplain Assessment, San Pablo, CADr. Lewandowski was project manager for this study which included the analysis of thirteen bridges or large culverts along San Pablo and Wildcat Creeks. Many of the bridge configurations in the previous HEC-2 model were updated in a new HEC-RAS model. The HEC-RAS model included modifications to reflect existing conditions that were previously modeled incorrectly or for a new replacement bridge that had been constructed since the previous model had been developed.

Golf Club Road Bridge, Pleasant Hill, CA
Dr. Lewandowski was project engineer for the hydraulic analysis of the bridge. FEMA floodplain boundaries were outside of the channel, with overland flow over the bridge approaches. A HEC-RAS model of the existing and two proposed bridge conditions was developed and used to estimate bridge soffit elevations.

First Street Bridge Replacement, King City, CADr. Lewandowski was project engineer for the hydraulic analysis of the existing and replacement bridges for this three span structure. SR99 Bridge at Big Chico Creek, Chico, CA and Avenue 360 Culverts near Tulare, CA Dr. Lewandowski reviewed hydraulic calculations for these structures to verify that hydraulic conditions were correctly represented by the HEC-RAS model.
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