Oakwood Lake Groundwater Modeling Technical Review, Manteca, CA
Oakwood Lake in San Joaquin County, CA is a reclaimed sand mine pit that is proposed as a lake feature in a new development which will surround the lake. Dr. Lewandowski performed a technical review for the “Report of Transient Groundwater Modeling of the Oakwood Lake Area” by Condor Earth Technologies, Inc. as a quality control/quality assurance measure. The report evaluated the lake pool elevations and emergency flood control pumping needed for the proposed Oakwood Lake development. Dr. Lewandowski also reviewed the groundwater model developed for the surrounding area which determined groundwater movement and levels during a two year dry period, an average rainfall period, and a two year wet period the report. Rough estimates of flow using the Dupuit equation were used to verify groundwater flows into the lake. Potential stormwater impacts were also noted.

Groundwater Assessment for the Broadview Water District, Firebaugh, CA
Dr. Lewandowski assisted with the analysis of groundwater resources in the Broadview Water District for an environmental assessment of a reassignment of the District’s surface water supply contract to another agency. The project included evaluating the groundwater conditions both before and after land acquisition by the other agency. Two options were reviewed; continued farming (same as existing) and fallowing of the land. He reviewed the surface water delivery system and drainage collection system and summarized the quantity and quality of groundwater resources within the District. He also identified potential impacts of the water supply reassignment on the groundwater within the region.

Groundwater Management Plan, Stanislaus and Tuolumne Rivers Groundwater Basin Association, CA
Dr. Lewandowski assisted with development of a groundwater management plan for the Stanislaus and Tuolumne Rivers Groundwater Basin Association basin. The association comprised six members, including three cities, two irrigation districts, and the county. The plan work included review of data held by each of the members and identification of management impacts of twelve separate elements posed in current groundwater management legislation. He managed an agricultural and hydrogeology subconsultant, and provided data gathering assistance and leadership in urban groundwater management issues. The project included a public workshop for consensus building regarding groundwater management issues and options.

Groundwater Supply Assessment, City of San Diego, CA
Dr. Lewandowski was part of a four-member task force convened to identify the options for groundwater use by the City of San Diego, CA. The task force identified past, current and potential uses for each of the eight groundwater basins and formations near the City, as well as follow up steps to move the City forward in making best use of their groundwater resource as part of the overall water supply plan.

Well and Membrane Treatment System, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, UT
Dr. Lewandowski was project engineer for a groundwater extraction and treatment system for the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District in Utah. The system involved the extraction of groundwater from eight to ten wells, with conveyance to membrane treatment plants for ultimate discharge into the municipal distribution system. The analysis included the sizing of distribution pipelines and selection of the location and total number of treatment plant sites. Hydraulic conditions were developed for each of the alternatives. A cost analysis included the capital and replacement costs of pipelines and treatment plants and the operating costs for power, chemicals, and membrane replacements for 50 years.
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