Storm Water Quality Studies & Analyses

Storm Water Lagoons Treatment Capacity Evaluation, City of Milpitas, CA
Dr. Lewandowski performed the hydraulic analyses of three storm water lagoons within the City. He reviewed the City's storm water Master Plan and their HYDRA models to determine lagoon elevations at 10- and 100-year storm events, and variations in the normal lagoon operating levels between summer and winter operations. He identified the storage volumes available at each lagoon for peak flow shaving capacity. He assisted in development of treatment capacity estimates for the lagoon, and in development of options for use of the treatment capacity by trading with out of basin development.

Assessment and Mitigation of Construction and Development Impacts to Storm Water Runoff, Ventura County, CA
Dr. Lewandowski was project engineer for pollutant loading calculations for large land developments. For the water quality modeling of a 2800-acre development, he assisted with identification of pollutant loads for existing and developed land uses, and he reviewed model results. He also reviewed various Best Management Practices for reducing pollutant loadings to pre-development levels. Pollutant loadings during construction were also considered, as well as the presence of endangered species (Red Legged Frog) at the site.

San Francisco Bay Bridge Storm Water Sediment Study, Caltrans District 4, CA
For Caltrans, Dr. Lewandowski led a review of the types and levels of contaminants measured in sediment size fractions collected in the drain inlets of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. These sediments were assumed to be typical of storm water pollutants in bridge runoff. This study included a literature review of bridge and highway sediment quality information throughout the US and Canada. The study was used to identify the types of runoff controls and the type of storm water treatment necessary for the new span of the bridge.

Drainage and Water Quality Studies for Los Angeles International Airport Expansion, Los Angeles, CA
These studies were completed as part of the CEQA/NEPA effort to determine impacts of the planned airport expansion. Dr. Lewandowski was project engineer for the drainage and water quality analyses. The potential for flooding created by the planned expansion was compared with the existing flooding at the airport. Alternatives were reviewed using existing airport facilities to mitigate increases in peak storm flow and storm water pollutants. Storm Water Discharge Quality Characterization, City of Salinas, CA For the City of Salinas, Dr. Lewandowski developed the discharge characterization of the city's stormwater runoff for the Part 2 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permit application. The CDM Watershed Management Model (WMM) was used in estimating total pollutant loading from each of the land uses within the city. Pollutant loading was determined for each of the designated watersheds within the existing city boundary.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Development, CA
Dr. Lewandowski has developed storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) for transportation facilities and wastewater treatment plants. He was responsible for development of a SWPP for an airport and a bus terminal station in Fresno, California, and a wastewater treatment plant in Antioch, California. He also assisted in the development of the Ventura County Storm Water Permit for industrial and commercial activities. He identified best management practices and helped to develop checklists for inspections of businesses with industrial and commercial activities.
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