Water Resources Studies

Urban Water Management Plan Update Client: City of Martinez
Dr. Lewandowski is preparing the Urban Water Management Plan Update for the City of Martinez. The plan update includes historical water use and future water use projections, as well as an assessment of current demand management and conservation measures. Future water supply during drought periods is also estimated, with identification of proposed measures to be implemented as part of the water shortage contingency plan.

Alameda Creek Watershed Salinity Sources Study Client: DERWA
Dr. Lewandowski performed a study of salt sources in the Alameda Creek Watershed. He completed a review of the background information regarding salt loading from the DERWA project and developed a technical memorandum describing salt management issues within the Alameda Creek Watershed. The study included a review of the groundwater and salt transport model of the area, and a description of the sources of salt and their relative magnitude. The current and proposed management practices for salt control in the basin were reviewed and summarized. Feasibility Study for Membrane Bioreactor Facility Water SupplyClient: DERWAUnder current contracted water supplies, DERWA is expecting a future shortfall in recycled water supply during the maximum month or maximum day as early as 2010. To alleviate this shortage, a number of water supply alternatives are being investigated. Dr. Lewandowski analyzed the potential costs and conditions for development of a satellite wastewater treatment plant in the Dougherty Valley to produce recycled water for distribution to DERWA customers. The proposed satellite treatment plant was a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) facility, which uses membrane filtering to produce a high quality effluent within an extremely small plant footprint. Plant wastes would be returned to the trunk sewer currently conveying Dougherty Valley wastewater to the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD). Construction and operation cost estimates were performed for comparison with other DERWA recycled water supply alternatives.

CALFED Assistance to DWR, Sacramento, CA
Dr. Lewandowski was part of a team that assisted CALFED with a review of a possible decision making process to reach consensus on alternatives for the future water supply. He held one-on-one meetings with some of the stakeholders to ascertain issues that were most critical to the stakeholder. He performed an extensive review of the types of hydrodynamic and water quality modeling performed for the planning process and the individual models that were used in the water supply planning process. He then developed an overview of the modeling process, including its assumptions and limitations, to be included as part of the summary to the stakeholders.

Water Supply Master Plan, City of San Diego, CA
Dr. Lewandowski provided technical expertise to the City of San Diego staff in support of the city's water supply strategic plan. Included in this work was a review of local and regional water supply issues such as water demands, supply, and reliability. He assisted in the development and evaluation of local water supply options including purchase and treatment of water, conservation, reclamation, groundwater, reservoir utilization, and desalination. Using this information, he helped to develop presentations for a series of stakeholder workshops utilized to determine a preferred action plan for the city's water supply.

Watershed Sanitary Survey of Lake Merced, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Lewandowski was also project engineer for a Watershed Sanitary Survey for Lake Merced in San Francisco, CA. The lake has a greatly reduced watershed and is fed primarily by groundwater. It is surrounded by urban uses including a golf course and a shooting range. He was primarily responsible for review of water quality issues, including potential sources of contaminants. He reviewed the sanitary and storm sewers surrounding the lake to identify potential areas where overflows of these sewers could introduce contaminants to the lake.

Watershed Sanitary Survey of Modesto Reservoir, Modesto, CA
He was responsible for developing a watershed sanitary survey for the Modesto Reservoir. This former irrigation supply reservoir was to be a new source of drinking water for the City of Modesto, California. The survey was necessary to determine both the character and potential sources of contamination within the watershed. The watershed area encompassed more than 1,500 square miles and included four individual reservoirs and part of Yosemite National Park. The survey was complicated by the impacts of recreational use on the Modesto Reservoir. In addition, a sampling program was devised to monitor reservoir water quality.
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