Wastewater Master Planning

Technical Review of Plant Capacity Management Alternative StudyClient: Central Marin Sanitation Agency
Dr. Lewandowski performed a technical review of the flow model relating wastewater plant inflows to rainfall amounts. He also reviewed the treatment plant hydraulic calculations and the proposed assessment of peak flow capacity in the process units. He directed modeling efforts to determine potential causes of the discrepancies between measured peak plant inflows and calculated peak inflows. By varying C values for force mains in the pumping and force main model, calculated flow values similar to the peak measured flows were obtained. The C values corresponding to the measured plant flows were researched and found to be similar to those measured in normal operating conditions for force mains.

Master Planning Model Selection, City of Roseville, CA
Dr. Lewandowski assisted with assessment of collection system modeling needs for the City. The City staff was interviewed regarding modeling needs and data availability. Software evaluations were made for three different models, and vendor demonstrations were performed for each. A compilation of data requirements and recommended next steps for master planning were developed for the City.

Collection System Master Plan and Overflow Analysis, City of Benicia, CA
Dr. Lewandowski was project engineer for the master planning analysis of sanitary sewer overflows that occurred in the City of Benicia during peak rainfall events. Using SWMM modeling results for the collection system, he assisted in development of conveyance, storage and treatment options for prevention of overflows. By using a combination of parallel trunk sewers, pump station improvements, and treatment in existing storage basins, a cost effective alternative was developed.

Wastewater Master Planning, City of San Jose, CA
Dr. Lewandowski assisted in technical review and quality control/quality assurance for the City’s downtown area sewer master plan.

Collection System Master Planning, City of Winters, CA
Dr. Lewandowski performed quality control/quality assurance and technical reviews for the City of Winters collection system master plan. He also assisted with assessment and allocation of wastewater flows.

Trunk Sewer Master Planning, City of Hillsborough, CA
Dr. Lewandowski created a spreadsheet model for the City of Hillsborough, California to quickly estimate changes in trunk sewer size which were possible under various collection system restoration scenarios.

LAVWMA System Capacity and Storage Assessment, Dublin, CA
Dr. Lewandowski served as project engineer for an analysis of the existing sys¬tem capacity for the Livermore-Amador Valley Water Management Agency (LAVWMA). This project involved development of models for the existing wastewater treatment, storage and disposal systems to identify the limiting Aver¬age Dry Weather Flow (ADWF) that can be accommodated in the existing system. Three separate models were developed to show the limitations of storage operations at the treatment plants and at the pump station. He also developed an innova¬tive methodology to determine maximum wastewater storage needs from a combination of collec¬tion system characteristics and the rainfall intensity curves for the area.
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Dr. Lewandowski is a registered professional engineer in the State of California, and has 30 years of professional experience in water related systems analysis and modeling, including:

Drinking Water Systems
Wastewater Systems
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His clients appreciate his strategic and practical solutions, his easy to understand explanations of project results and his attention to maintaining the project schedule and budget.